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eRegistration of Economic Operators Procedures
  1. Create a User Profile

    • You need to sign in with your Tax Account Number and Password
    • In case you do not have a Tax Account Number please click here to request one.
    • Upon sign in, you will need to enter information like address and select the business category you belong to.[Fields marked with * are mandatory]
    • You may wish to modify this profile afterwards

  2. Register as an Economic Operator

    • After creating your profile, you will be able to choose the type of economic operator
    • You will then be required to fill the appropriate form, depending upon the type of economic operator chosen.

  3. Documents to be submitted for eregistration

    • Duly filled in authorization form, available here
    • In case applicant is other than an individual, the National Identity Card of its director/s or duly authorized representative.
    • In case importation is for personal use, a letter from the applicant to confirm that importation is for personal use.
    • In case applicant is a civil servant, 'Application for Duty Remission on Motor Car Form' duly approved by MRA Customs.
    • In case applicant is a taxi operator, the Public Service Vehicle Licence issued by the National Transport Authority.
    • In case the applicant is a Freeport Operator, the Freeport Certificate issued by the Board of Investment.
    • Proof of Address

  4. Dashboard

    • Saved Applications: Applications which are saved and have not been submitted.
    • Submitted Applications: Applications which have been submitted but have not been approved or rejected
    • Approved/Rejected Applications:Applications which have been rejected or approved.